Control and manage traffic in your marina.

We know boats come and go and a lot happens in the marina, that's why we want to help you control and manage the traffic in your marina.

Get started

Connect marina

Add your marina and place on the map, invite your customers and have them add their slips in the PinPort app.

Approve slips

You have control of all slips, can correct any faulty information and approve them before they start renting their slip.

View bookings

PinPort give you a good overview of all guests in the marina, and shows which slips are booked and free.

Get paid

Simplify payment of the annual fee and associated services such as electricity, water etc, with the app, and recieve part of the amount when your customers rent their slip.


Review the marina guests, after their visits, if things went as expected, you will help enable them visiting more marinas with their boat.

Join as a pioneer.

As we develop and test PinPort for launch this summer we're also looking for new hosts and guests who wants to join – fill in your email address and become one of the first to access our app.

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